2D and 3D Sampling & Protoyping

I use a laser cutter to cut and test your pattern or prototype. Laser cutting also allows for testing markers such as punch holes and notches.
After testing, alterations are made within Seamly2D or VStitcher.

Pattern output formats:
- plotter
- pdf
- pdf print-at-home
- svg or dxf formats
- 3D renders Vstitcher

I am happy to help you create collections, realize your samples and work on your patterns.

Trained as a fashion design assistant,
I have years of experience in model and pattern development
pattern making (paper and digital)
product and production management


from draping, on paper (flat pattern),
digitizing paper patterns
- Seamly2D flat digital pattern
- Gerber
- Browzwear Vstitcher 3D 3D patterns
- tech packs and production management


Depending on the complexity of your product,
samlping can be handled locally and with trusted partners.

Get in touch:

info [at] mademoisellemorell.de